No Ordinary Family Series

Meet the Delaneys – five siblings who depended on each other to survive on their own.

They still have a lot to figure out. Watch them face their fears, search for courage to move forward…and take that risky leap of falling in love.

Try the first book. It’s FREE. So you have nothing to lose. And don’t forget the last book—it’s the one that started it all.

Unforgettable, Book 1

Safe at Home, Book 2

Heartstrings, Book 3

His Greatest Catch, Book 4

The Broken Circle, Book 5

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The Starting Over Series


Brave. Bold. Brainy. One woman reached for the gold, one for the law, one for the university, and one ran as far from home as possible. But often, the best laid plans fall apart, and Starting Over is the only thing to do.

True-Blue Texan

A Man of Honor

Love, Money & Amanda Shaw

The Inn at Oak Creek

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The Flying Solo Series

Flying Solo – single parents, second chances and the power of love...

Summer at the Lake

Houseful of Strangers

Quarterback Daddy

The Apple Orchard

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The Pilgrim Cove Series

On the surface, Pilgrim cove seems like any other coastal town. Picturesque and peaceful with long stretches on unspoiled beach, fresh ocean breezes and the sense of time passing slowly.

...only in Pilgrim Cove live a group of friends called the ROMEOs whose sole aim is to take care of the town.

...only in Pilgrim Cove stands a unique house right on the beach. SEA VIEW HOUSE. A very special place—some say magical—to the people who reside within each season.

...and only in Pilgrim Cove are strangers welcomed while everyone else takes a front row seat as a love story unfolds.

The House on the Beach

No Ordinary Summer

Reluctant Housemates

The Daughter He Never Knew

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The Sea View House Series

Some say it's magic, some say it's love. Others credit the sea, sun and sand as the healing powers behind Sea View House. Does the truth really matter for the temporary residents of this special place?

In the coastal town of Pilgrim Cove, strangers are welcomed, and everyone else takes a front row seat to watch a love story unfold.

Her Long Walk Home

Her Picture-Perfect Family

Her Second-Chance Hero

Her Roadside Rescues

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Women's Fiction Titles

Family Interrupted

The Soldier and the Rose

The Broken Circle

For Better or Worse

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Linda's Breast Cancer Memoir

Hopefully Ever After

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Linda's Short Novellas

Man of the House

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