Box Sets: Multi-Author & My Own

Sweet 2 Heat Multi-Author Box Sets

In 2022 I participated in a wonderful way to get books seen by more readers. I joined some amazing authors/friends to produce box sets based on favorite themes in the romance genre. Themes – or tropes, as they’re called – such as cowboys, opposites attract, secret babies, protectors, and billionaires. We all enjoyed creating stories with these themes because we enjoy reading such stories!

Take a look at what we accomplished – fabulous box sets which will only be available for a limited time on Amazon. But not to worry – you can upload the FREE KINDLE APP on most e-readers, desktops and phone.

I’ve listed the individual titles and links below so you can learn more on the sales page. So, here we go:

The Protectors

The Protectors
(Big city or small town…they will always keep you safe)

Small Towns Big Hearts

Small Towns Big Hearts
(Finding love in a small town—where everyone knows your business before you do!)

Surprises in All Sizes

Secret Baby Second Chance
(Secret Babies…Not all fairy tales go as planned)

What About Forever

What About Forever?
(In a Marriage of Convenience, love could be the deal breaker)

And because readers seemed to love these box sets, I decided to offer my own books in box set form as well.


4 single parents—a football player, a medical doc, a country vet plus one worried mom who’d do anything for their kids’ happiness. Falling in love, however, was not on the menu. Until it was.


Tragedy struck. Five siblings on their own. They survived by depending on each other. Now…it’s time to trust love.


Where love can be as powerful as the ocean next door…if you give it a chance.


Three powerful family novels – A loving marriage on the brink; a war that separates and connects; a family of kids determined to stick together

More box sets with author friends as well as my own are scheduled for 2023. Stay updated on the latest books by signing up for my newsletter below – you’ll receive a free book as a gift.


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