Introducing… OnFireFiction

Who: 12 award-winning, multi-published authors

What: A promotional “lifeboat”

Where: Idea hatched in White Plains, NY at a Novelists, Inc. conference. Authors scattered throughout the U.S.

When: Seed planted October 2012. Born January 2013.

Why: To help readers find our stories

Here we are in alpha order…and yes, Barrett is first

Linda Barrett
Jean Brashear
Rogenna Brewer
Ginger Chambers
Dee Davis
Annie Jones
Julie Kenner
Day Leclaire
Barbara McMahon
Lisa Mondello
Debra Salonen

So, who are we? All of us started out publishing traditionally – paper books with NY publishers. We’re bestselling authors on lists: NYT, USA Today, Waldenbooks. We’ve won industry awards. We know the traditional publishing industry inside out and now we’re branching out to publish independently. Some of us are in both worlds; some of us are “going indie” only. But we all want to increase our success as authors.

We’ve already branded ourselves as OnFireFiction which refers to the quality and scope of the writing. We’ve got a Twitter and Facebook presence set up with a website to come.  We’ve already produced our first joint project, Unsuitably Perfect, a compilation of three full-length romance novels by Karen Sandler, Lisa Mondello and Barbara McMahon. Other joint projects, including themed anthologies with new content by all of us, are in the works. 

Cooperation is the spirit in the new world of publishing. Among most writers, cooperation has always been the way to go. Some might wonder if authors aren’t competing with one another.  The answer is simple: readers consume lots of books and have more than one favorite author.  We’re hoping that with our new joint projects, readers will discover and enjoy new-to-them authors and look for more of our books.

It’s early days yet for this effort to show results in a tangible way. But I’ve loved working and discussing the business with these wonderful authors. More shoulders to lean on and brains to pick.

What do you think? Is it better to go it alone or  jump into a lifeboat?


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