What About Forever?

What About Forever?

In a Marriage of Convenience, love could be the deal breaker.
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No muss, no fuss, no love. Just tie the knot, reach their goals, and split. But what happens when love sneaks in and those best-laid plans fall apart? NYT, USA Today, & Bestselling Authors team up to answer this question: Does true love have a chance in a marriage based only on common sense?

Her Second-Chance Homecoming – Debra Salonen
The girl “most likely to screw up” returns—secret in hand. Kristin’s done trying to outrun her past, but reconnecting with Donnie, her first and only love, could ruin his one shot at happiness.

A Time to Give – NYT & USA Today Bestselling Author Kathryn Shay
Ben Cassidy and Emily Mackenzie meet at a soup kitchen, their identities anonymous. After they get close, they find out who each other is and split for good. But there are surprises waiting for both when they meet again, including a marriage of convenience.

Lazz’s Contract Marriage (The Dante’s) – USA Today Bestselling Author Day Leclaire
In order to satisfy a family contract, Lazz Dante must marry a complete stranger: Ariana Romano. He and his beautiful Italian bride intend to make it a temporary marriage, just long enough to satisfy the terms of the contract before parting ways. Or so they believe until The Inferno strikes and lust overcomes common sense.

The Soldier and the Rose – Linda Barrett
From the Greatest Generation—when grieving war-widow, Rose, marries her husband’s buddy who’s eager to rebuild their shattered lives, Charlie is left to wonder if love can grow or if he’ll always be second-best in Rose’s heart. It’s a question only Rose can answer.

Ruby (Blissful Contracts) – Chantel Rhondeau
For a thief who only deals in retrieving stolen items for their rightful owners, having a contract bride is just the cover story he needs. Falling for his beautiful bride wasn’t part of the plan.

Wanted Outback Wife – USA Today Bestselling Author Barbara McMahon
They agreed to a business marriage, letting each other know at the beginning they don’t believe in love. What happens when one unexpectedly falls in love?

His Make-Believe Wife – Karen Sandler
When CEO Jack Hanford hires seamstress Rachael Reeves as spokeswoman for his chain of pancake restaurants, there’s a shocking twist in the fine print: Jack and Rachael will be posing as husband and wife for their promotional tour. Jack’s sure he can keep it together even as he and Rachael share hotel suites. Rachael struggles to convince her heart that Jack’s not the man of her dreams. Will a delicious scheme by their meddling relatives do the trick to help Rachael and Jack find a forever happiness together?

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