Love Me for Christmas

Love Me for Christmas

’Tis that time of year again for mistletoe wishes and candy cane kisses.
Can one festive holiday reunite estranged lovers, ignite unexpected relationships, heal old hurts, and bring joy to aching hearts? Probably not. But love can. And in the hands of these nine award-winning/bestselling authors, the reason for the season might just be: Romance.

Risking It All by Kathryn Shay
This woman is driving me crazy. She had it out for me when I was a recruit and focused on all my flaws; I couldn’t help but return the favor by needling her every chance I got. Now, we’re working side-by-side teaching recruits and suddenly, I’m determined to have her! Damn it, that woman is ruining my favorite season of all—Christmas.

Unexpected Gift by Chantel Rhondeau
Cali Johnson makes my heart race in ways I never thought it could, and I find myself hoping for a very Merry Christmas this year. Not only is she kind to everyone she sees, she even befriended my cantankerous old cat—and he doesn’t like anyone. There’s just one problem... no one could accept the truth I’m hiding, no matter how nice and sweet they are.

The Marine’s Last Chance Christmas by Rogenna Brewer
Home for the holidays sounded sweet until I looked across my recruiting desk into the eyes of the woman I’d loved and lost––mostly thanks to my own stupidity. Who knows? Maybe the Sugar Plum Fairy will grant me one last chance for Christmas.

Texas Christmas Bride by Jean Brashear
For seventeen years after I was banished, I tried to forget her. The empire I built means nothing to the joy of being with her again. All I want for Christmas is to marry her, to be together forever as two teenagers once planned—if only the son I never knew about will forgive both of us and let us be a family at last.

Christmas for the Win by Debra Salonen
Is it crazy to ask for help from the woman I left at the altar eight years ago? Absolutely. But I’ll do anything for my son, and the Alexa I knew and loved would never turn away a child in crisis—especially at Christmas. Though it's wishful thinking to expect that Alexa could ever forgive me.

Grown-Up Christmas Wish by Lisa Mondello
The gloves…well, mittens, are off. I'm in Montana on leave from the military to battle a real estate auctioneer about to sell my childhood memories to the highest bidder. I get that Sally Macomber needs the commission to start a life back east, but with a little snow, some small-town holiday spirit, and my grandfather’s sleigh, I can earn enough to be top bidder. Too bad as the December 24th deadline nears, my Christmas list now has just one name on it: Sally.

A Family of His Own by Karen Sandler
I came from less than nothing, but I got lucky. Wrote a few books, became a mega-bestselling thriller author. Despite my success, I know what it’s like to hit rock bottom like Jana has, pregnant and abandoned by her low-life boyfriend. I know she needs me to be her sanctuary, especially this Christmas. But how do I hide the feelings I’ve always had for her?

Mr. and Mrs. Claus by Day and Dre Leclaire
I’m a man intent on forging my own path through life, refusing to join my father’s firm no matter the temptations offered. But Dad plays dirty, especially when he sends an adorable, klutzy Christmas elf to tempt me back into the fold. One Santa-sized problem… I want her to stay, but she has to go.

A Soldier’s Christmas by Barbara McMahon
I'm only in town for the wedding and to pick up my dog that Cassie has been taking care of while I was deployed. As soon as the “I do’s” are done, I'll be outta here. So, would somebody please explain why Cassie's invitation to spend the holiday with her has me longing for the impossible? Maybe I’ll find my answer under the mistletoe.

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