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HOPEFULLY EVER AFTER: Breast Cancer, Life and Me
October 2013

Linda Barrett could be any one of us. She’s an ordinary woman living a wonderfully ordinary life – husband, kids, teaching, writing – totally unprepared for Murphy’s Law on steroids. In February 2001, she discovers her first breast cancer at exactly the same time she starts a brand new teaching position and celebrates the release of her very first published novel. Celebrates? Secrets must be kept to protect her fledging career as a writer. No secrets in the classroom however. Her adult GED students out her in five minutes when they spot her wig!

Nine years later, when Linda is hit with breast cancer a second time, she knows there’s a mystery to be solved. She copes with more radical treatments—six rounds of chemo, major surgeries, implants—and with a thousand mile move.

At the heart of this memoir, however, is a love story. Cancer is the vehicle that exposes a marriage in full bloom. As Linda says, “Everyone deserves a Hopefully Ever After, and that’s what you’ll find here.”

*As it turned out, the last page of the memoir really wasn’t the end of my story. Click here to read What Came Next….



Joni Rodgers, NYT bestselling author of BALD IN THE LAND OF BIG HAIR

“The cancer experience can be a panic-fueled bullet train, but you meet some cool people in the bar car. In engaging girlfriend style, Linda Barrett’s frank, funny memoir delivers an honest account of her difficult journey with just the right mix of love, friendship, wig-whipping and accessibly rendered science. Highly recommended for the newly diagnosed.”




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