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If you haven’t tried my family drama stories, here’s your chance to read The Soldier and the Rose, The Broken Circle and Family Interrupted all in one volume, ready to upload to any eReader.

Here’s a peek:

The Broken Circle

Lisa Delaney drops out of law school to care for her four younger siblings when her parents don’t survive a car accident. The children beg to stay together with their big sister rather than be split up among relatives. Lisa’s aunts insist her parents would want her to remain in school. Read more

Family Interrupted

Guilt and blame.

Shaken by tragedy, the Barnes family has fractured. Mother. Father. Son. Each dealing with the pain separately and alone. Holding fast to guilt and blame. Real or imagined. Read more

The Soldier and the Rose

From the Greatest Generation, a love story to remember…

Two soldiers go off to war in Europe. Both from the same neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.  Only one returns home. Read more

Starting Overwith Pilgrim Cove!

I wrote this series several years ago after visiting friends who lived in a small town along New England’s coast. We walked a block to the beach, then walked along the shoreline for miles. My eyes were drawn to the sea, watching colors change, waves shift and people at play. We ate lobster for dinner, fresh caught from the ocean. We visited with their friends, cousins and neighbors. And I began imagining stories that might happen in this town. I called it Pilgrim Cove in honor of its location. And this is what came to me:

Pilgrim Cove—where love can be as powerful as the ocean next door.

On the surface, Pilgrim Cove seems like any other coastal town. Picturesque and peaceful with long stretches of unspoiled beach, fresh ocean breezes and the sense of time passing slowly.


…only in Pilgrim Cove live a group of friends called the ROMEOs whose sole aim to take care of the town.
…only in Pilgrim Cove stands a unique house right on the beach. Sea View House. A very special place—some say magical—to the people who reside there each season.
…and only in Pilgrim Cove, are strangers welcomed while everyone else takes a front row seat as a love story unfolds.

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The House on the Beach is the first of the four-book Pilgrim Cove series.

Laura McCloud has a bright future but needs a place to pick up the pieces of her life and career after losing her mom, her boyfriend and surviving a battle with breast cancer. A script that doesn’t play well for a single woman. Happy childhood summers in Pilgrim Cove pull her back to town and a stay in Sea View House.

Matthew Parker, his two young sons and his dad have shared a home since both men were widowed several years ago. And now, no women are needed in the Parker domain. But when Matt meets Laura, he discovers that his home might be missing something vital—a woman’s love.

Can these two determined people figure out what’s important and take a chance on a new beginning?

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